// Packaging - Tablets
// Packaging - Accessories
// Accessories Sell Sheets


Packaging design for Kobo e-Reader and accessories. Graphic elements of the open book arch. Colour highlights are used to bridge accessories to the e-readers and tablets.

The sell sheets are designed to showcase Kobo accessories and highlight key features to retailers and partners worldwide.

University of Toronto
Office of theVP Research

// Research Reports
// U of T Innovation and Partnership Display


The Office of the VP Researchers brochure is a report highlighting the innovative and forward thinking researchers at the University of Toronto. Stories and images provide samples of a broad range of research projects, offerings, and ideas at the university.


The Research reports were awarded Case II Gold Medasl for design and content excellence.


The University's Innovation and Partnership display is designed for trade shows and showcases U of T's commitment to the commercialization of world class research, ideas, and projects.


University of Guelph

// Impact of Giving Report
// The Better Planet Project Campaign


The Impact of Giving Report uses a storytelling approach to the donor report. The diverse stories of alumni and friends were highlighted to give a more personal perspective to the report.


The BetterPlanet Project is a $200-million fundraising campaign to help accelerate solutions to global challenges. The campaign brochure is an information piece that spotlights the areas where the University of Guelph excels: Food, Environment, Health, Communities.

Ontario College of Pharmacists

// Annual Report
// Pharmacists Connection Magazine
// 140th Anniversary OCP Crest
// Interactive Online Annual Report

From the annual report to the Pharmacists Connection magazine, a consist look and feel was rolled out to give the college a comtomporary feel. The branding of the collateral materials was also updated.

The 2011 online interactive report intergrates live video and animations to spotlight content throughout the website.

University of Toronto
Faculty of Law
Faculy of Arts and Science

// Logo and Brand redesign
// 'Nexus' Alumni Magazine
// Women Trailblazers Permanent Exhibit
// Arts & Science Annual Report
// Arts & Science Students
Recruitment Package


Nexus is the Faculy of Law's alumni magazine that is published annually, for its alumni, faculty, students, staff and friends. The magazine tackles and explores current issues facing the legal community and keeping alumni inform and connected.

The Women Trailblazers Permanent Exhibit celebrates 19 remarkable women graduates from the U of T's Law School. These women were identified as trailblazers in their careers and were chosen for their significant accomplishments and unique contributions to the legal profession and community.


The Annual Report by the Faculty of Arts & Science tells their story in a simple and compelling way.

The Faculty of Arts & Science recruitment package highlights the program and shares information with prospective students. The student-offer package contained a brochure, a folder and an envelope (shown here).


St. Peter's Church -
Mending the Heart of the Annex Capital Campaign

// Logo
// Collateral materials
// Stationery


The Heart of the Annex Campaign is a fundrasing program by St. Peter's Parish to help rebuild and renovate the bell tower.

The design of the campaign reflects the heritage of the church and the community of the parish. Warm colours and graphic elements of the stained glass were used throughout the collateral materials.



St. Michael's Hospital

// Creating Healthy Inner Cities brochure
// Pulse Monthly newsletter
// Celebrating Our Volunteers brochure
// St. Michael's Hospital Foundation Banner


The Creating Healthy Inner Cities brochure features initiatives to improve the mental and physical health of the inner cities community.

Pulse newsletter is a monthly magazine by the Hosptial's Foundation that showcases many of their initiatives, and demostrates the commitment of the hospital to the community.


Celebrating Our Volunteers brochure is a report showcasing and celebrating the achievements of the volunteers at St. Michaels Hospital.

Rethink Sustainability

// RSI brand
// Collateral materials for RSI Leadership
Exchange Annual meeting 2012
// Website


Rethink Sustainability Initiaves is a knowledge sharing hub that gathers business leaders to discuss sustainable and innovative strategies to the industry.

The RSI logo and brand was refreshed and a new colour scheme was implemented to boast the liveliness and invigorating mandate of the group. The wave motif was created to illustrate the energy and forward motion of the group.